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Policy Mantraa is an initiative to bring more and more awareness about our life’s most important aspect i.e Insurance.It is basically designed with an aim to cover a large section of the population with the unparalleled benefits of Insurance.Policy Mantraa is an informative platform where an individual can get every minute detail regarding insurance and its importance in one’s life.

As we all are familiar with the fact that our future is uncertain and is likely to be affected by any of the loss either it is health / financial / goods/business loss and lot more.So the main agenda of Policy Mantraa is to make every common person aware of the insurance policies.We want to educate our users by providing them true information regarding insurance.

Basically, insurance is an agreement between two parties where the insurer agrees to indemnify insured in case of any future loss in consideration of some premium money.It can be considered as a compensatory tool for individuals and they should be well informed about this.
    Policy Mantraa is committed to providing entire knowledge related  to insurance that:
* what is insurance and its value in our life
* how insurance companies work
* How one can claim for compensation
* types of insurance
* details of insurance policies
  The first and foremost liability of Policy Mantraa will always be to bring more and more individuals under the umbrella of safety.And we are not supposed to any geographical boundaries, in fact, we want to spread information across the world.
    Insurance can help you to surmount hardships of life but most people don’t avail its benefits only due to lack of awareness.Various private and public insurance companies are running in the market and provide a guarantee to help people in case of need.  Although most of the People are aware of this term, there also exists a large number of people who don’t know the exact meaning and benefits of Insurance.Classifications of insurance are-
* Life Insurance
* Health Insurance
* Motor Insurance
* Marine Insurance
* Fire Insurance
* Group Insurance
* Goods Insurance etc.
  In addition to Insurance, Policy Mantraa also delivers knowledge of Loan.Loan; where money is temporarily transferred between lender and borrower and is paid back with interest.It is also of great use for every person and can be taken for a variety of purposes like housing loan/marriage loan/education loan/business loan / Bridge loan / vehicular loan etc.The loan can be taken either from public / private banks, moneylender, financial institutions, finance companies etc. As it serves the financial need of individuals and they must be well aware of this.
  So, Policy Mantraa is specially designed to serve people and to transfer them adequate knowledge of two important sectors i.e loan and insurance.

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