Pros And Cons Of Online Car Insurance?

Online Car Insurance is the product developed to provide security to the owner of car in case any the unfortunate incident occurs with them.The damage maybe caused due to theft/road accidents/collision/natural calamity etc.Under this, the insurance company promises insured to reimburse their expenses/bills so as to bring them under the umbrella of safety.
While, there are plethora of insurance companies in market, that sometimes confuse people from where they should buy.In today's age, there are many options for buyers if they wish to purchase online.As online insurance is the common form of buying in this age of digitalization, where everyone is good at internet.Online purchase enables you to go through the sites of various companies where you can get best deal after exploring several options.


Every individual who owns a car will surely want to provide the best protection for it.As it is among the biggest asset of the individual, so it is also our duty to keep it secure from damages/losses.Today, insurance companies are offering a variety of plans in the market.Along with offline purchase, there is no dearth of options for-buying online policies.
We have a great choice for insurance plans in the internet market.This online facility not only help individuals to compare and choose the best one, but also let them buy at the reduced price. In today's age, everything is available on internet.From clothes to train/flights tickets/gadgets/furniture/household items,in short; everything.With the momentum growth of e-commerce industry, people love to find solutions online.If you buy other things on the internet, then why hesitating in insurance shopping.
In fact, we should be thankful for technology, that it has made purchasing process much easier.Now, we can buy insurance plan by simply sitting at home.Also, while buying online, you would not get large variety but also find car insurance plans at a comparatively cheaper rate with maximum benefits.
If you are unwilling to go ahead with online transactions only because of some misconceptions/lack of knowledge, then the below-given points will surely help you to understand better.Look at some of the awesome benefits of online car insurance:-

1.COST EFFECTIVE: Buying online car insurance is relatively much cheaper than buying offline.This is one of the major benefits of purchasing an online insurance plan.The companies generally charge lower rate on online purchase because it involves less paperwork as well as other operational costs.Selling policies online-eliminates brokers/agents which make the companies offer same insurance plan at a lower rate.

2.PAPERLESS TRANSACTIONS: It becomes tedious for insured when insurance buying process involves lot of paperwork/documentation.On the other hand, when you purchase car insurance online, then it requires only a few steps.And you can buy it in few minutes.This benefit makes insurance process less complicated.

3.INSTANT POLICY: When you go for the offline purchase, it takes too much time for processing.Whereas, with the online medium of buying you can make an instant purchase.

4.EASY, TIME-SAVING AND CONVENIENT: Buying insurance policies offline involves filling details in a long form, on the other side in an online purchase, you need to put in few details.Most e-commerce websites/online brokers have designed the plans in a very efficient and understandable manner. Thus it makes the process much quicker and simpler for the user.
Moreover, who wouldn't like to love to avoid messy and tiring process, when it can be done with the single click on the user.Also, it saves you from standing in queues for long hours to get policy in hand as it can be done in the comfort of your house.

5.EASY ENDORSEMENT: With the term endorsement, we can understand it as the process of changing particular details in the policy document.In offline endorsement, you have to re-submit the details to the insurance company along with the form of endorsement.Whereas, if you want to make endorsement in online method, you can do it at the single click of a mouse.As only self-declaration is enough.

6.YOUR POLICY DOCUMENTS ARE SAVED IN ONE PLACE: The another advantage of buying online car insurance is that your documents are safely kept at one place.You will always have the soft copy of your insurance plan saved in your email account or in your online account with the company.You can access your policy account at anywhere, anytime.

7.YOU CAN READ OTHER'S REVIEWS: Like other products online, it is also true for online insurance policies than you can look other person reviews about the policy.The reviews and experience of the previous customers help you a lot in making a buying decision.As you can compare features of various policies before-actual purchase and come to know about the company's reputation and dealings with its customers.This quality of online purchase helps you to make a wiser decision, so that you may go for that product only that best meets your needs.

8.REMINDERS ALL THE TIME: As all the data is captured at a single place(company's online account), it becomes easy for you to access information.You need not fill forms again and again that you have to fill in offline mode.You will get timely reminders so you never forget date for policy renewal on time.

9.OFFERS TRANSPARENCY: Sometimes, the insurance agent/representative may not discuss all the details regarding insurance, but when buying online you are provided with all the clauses and conditions mentioned in the policy.Thus, it offers more transparency.Just for eg. all insurers gives you information about what is covered and what is not, so you can compare different plans on these ground and choose the best one.

10.OFFERS WIDE RANGE OF VARIETY: Online policies has also wide range of options that you can access to choose the best alternative.It is also one of the important benefit of online insurance process that the clients have an opportunity to discover multiple ranges over the internet.Thus, with the help of it, they can compare and create quote of different policies.

With the excellent benefits of the Online Car Insurance, there are some disadvantages too.Here are some of these that can't be overlooked:

1.In internet market, there are the number of companies making false promises.To persuade customers to buy their insurance plan, some companies represents inaccurate information.Thus, you must be very heedful while buying online car insurance policies.Make sure that the company, from which you are going to the purchase is an authenticate one (i.e will cover all your needs in the time of emergency).You must check whether it is a secured site, before disclosing your personal and financial information.As the number of online scams are rising at a fast rate.

2.Also, sometimes it becomes difficult to believe in the company's credibility online as companies can upload fake reviews and certificates.Therefore, ensure that you speak directly to the insurer while purchasing insurance online.Getting car insurance from companies having weak financial structure may result in adverse consequences due to its inefficiency to make compensation at the time of your claim.

3.You should not underestimate the importance of speaking with a live person when the question comes to your car insurance.A real person is needed to verify the reality of insurance company.You must call an 800 the number to speak with a person.

4.No help to file a claim; At the time of need, it is comfortable to have familiar voice that helps you through the claim process.Many insurance agents file claim for their respective clients.Whereas in online insurance, you have to make claim by yourself.Although, claims are not difficult to file but at the time of stress, it is good to have someone to do this work for you.

5.Another point is that, if you are not comfortable on the computer(having inadequate knowledge), it is better to avoid buying insurance online.As it takes a bit of effort to find information about car insurance quotes online.Let the insurance agent do it for you.

6.Buying online insurance removes the role of insurance agent and you will not be able to get services of an agent.No personal services will be provided to you.

7. Online purchase may not give the complete understanding of the product that you are going to purchase.As individuals may find it difficult to understand the terms used by financial institutions.


  • Best overall-AMICA
  • Best Customer Service-STATE FARM
  • Best Policy Options-THE HARTFORD
  • Best For Military-USAA 

Other companies to consider: Progressive, Erie Insurance, Auto owners, Travelers Companies, Liberty Mutual etc.


Gratefully, we are in the age where everything is possible on the internet.Even, now we can fulfill our safety and security needs by purchasing insurance policies online.You can browse companies websites and buy online term plan.Of course, it is a very popular form of insurance nowadays.
Buying insurance online is very simple and easy process.While the process of buying may vary according to different companies, but it broadly involves the following steps:

1.Firstly, you have to log on to the company's website(whose policy you want to purchase).After that click on the banner showing online insurance.
2.Enter the sum assured
3.Then, choose the policy term option
4.After that, you have to choose the premium paying term option
5.You will see the amount of premium based on your inputs
6.Then select your bank to make payment of premium
7.Now you will see acknowledgment of successful transaction
8.Within duration of usually three weeks, the company will come back to you whether your plan has been approved by its underwriting team or not.
9.After the approval, firstly you will receive the soft copy of the policy followed by the hard copy.

Thus, we can say that the mark of good online shopping experience is fewer clicks accompanied by website speed.The lesser the number of clicks, the simpler the process is.
In brief, we can say that we as a customer are provided with lots of option to buy Online Car Insurance plan.Now it depends on us, what option we choose, either online or offline medium of purchase.

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