Why do you really need Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is an insurance product that is created to cover the loss and cost of unexpected events that you might face while traveling.It is considered as one of the best protection for those traveling domestically or internationally.Travel insurance helps in reducing the risk associated with traveling incidents.Also, some companies selling tickets or tour packages offer customers to purchase Travel Insurance(also called as travelers insurance) as an additional benefit.

We all know that Future is uncertain and anything can be happen to us either it is good or bad.So, for sure we all would like to secure our future.And when the point comes to the safety of our health, then it becomes our foremost priority.In this concern, travel insurance plays a superb role in protecting the insured individual in the hour of crisis.In addition to security, some insurance companies provide coverage for insured personal property/rented property like rental cars or payment of ransom money in case of kidnapping.

For getting sure coverage under travel insurance, an insured must pay a premium on time, considering it as a liability.Along with the duration of coverage, the premium of the policy depends on a variety of factors like:

  • Type of coverage
  • Age of insured
  • Cost of your trip(As standard pre-trip coverage costs around 5% to 7% of the trip's cost) Also, the cost of the trip may vary with destination, as a trip to high zone, areas with bad weather would cost more.

Travel insurance is broadly divided into following categories:

1.Trip cancellation/interruption Coverage: As the name indicates, trip cancellation insurance also called as trip interruption/trip delay insurance reimburses insured for prepaid/nonrefundable traveling expenses.It will make payment in case of cancellation of the trip due to any illness/death in the family/any other mishappening. Travel insurance also provides you safety in case if your vendor(airline/tour operator) runs out of business.In such situation, the company pays to insured the difference amount between the actual payment made by insured and refund made by the vendor. Although policies may differ, it is typical for this type of insurance to offer coverage in the following situations:
a)sudden business conflicts
c)change of mood
d)weather related issues
e)delay in visa/passport processing
In addition to this, some plans also offer 'cancel for any reason' protection with some extra charge.

2.Medical and major medical expenses coverage:
Under medical expenses coverage, the company covers your bills and locate a doctor, healthcare facilities also provide foreign language service.It also offers coverage when you need to spend an extra time in the foreign hospital and if you need to be airlifted due to any unfortunate or sudden illness.Basically, this is of two types:

A)Travel medical expense: It provides medical coverage for a short duration.The duration can be up to 5 days to one year; it depends on the policy.

B)Major medical expense: It is suitable for those travelers who plan to go for longer trips of 6 months to 1 year or longer.

In fact, United State government urges Americans to discuss with their insurers before traveling to abroad to determine that whether the policy applies overseas or not.For example, your policy may provide you coverage in Us and Canada, but may not in Europe.Also, it is suggested that while traveling always register your plans with the State Department through its free online service; Travel Registration Website.In this way, the nearest embassy can contact you if there is any emergency or crisis while your journey.

3.Accidental death/flight accident coverage: Similar to life insurance, in case of death/disability/any serious injury occurring to traveler due to the accident, then the company pays the benefit to its legal heirs.

4.Baggage Insurance: Under this type of coverage, compensation is provided to insured when his/her belongings are lost/damaged during the trip.It also includes when insured travels to and from his destination.
Such type of insurance packages(travel insurance) includes a variety of coverages. In the US, most of them insurance companies sold travel insurance plans that include 24*7 emergency travel services like replacement of lost passport, cash wire and, re-booking of canceled flights.

How you can purchase Travel Insurance??

The interested individuals may purchase travel insurance in the following manner:
a) Pre-Trip Coverage- It is the most common form of travel insurance.According to America's Travel Insurance Association, among 80% of travel policies come under this category.This coverage provides protection for a single trip, and is ideal for those who travel occasionally.

b) Multi-Trip Coverage: Under this, the insured is provided with the coverage for multiple trips during the year.But no trip can be more than 30 days.

c)Annual Coverage: It is best suited for frequent travelers as the company offers protection for the whole year.SO, if you want to purchase plan, make sure that your safety should not be poured in danger in any case.Because it is of no use to get a plan if you are not getting adequate coverage in return. Thus, before going out and purchasing the most appropriate travel policy, look, what is included in your existing policies like health insurance/life insurance etc.Also, check which costs can be recovered outside the plan for Eg. refundable airline tickets.This helps you to avoid overlapping coverage so that you pay only for that the protection which you actually want.

Moreover, you should avoid purchasing insurance from tour operators. And be cautious from those agents who might sell the plans for their own commission, instead of one that's good for you. That's why before actual purchase, you must speak to the representative for a sample copy of the plan and make sure that it covers all those benefits which you require.After proper checking and content satisfaction, go for your final decision.


As an aware customer, you must know about 'Cover Note' in regard to the insurance concept.Cover note is generally a temporary document that is issued by an insurance company.It provides full coverage until a final insurance plan is issued.Cover note is generally different from the insurance policy document/certificate of insurance.It consists the name of the insurer, the insured, the coverage.

What is covered under the plan?

The insurance companies usually issue the cover note in order to give insured a proof of insurance before all the paperwork has been completed.Cover note will continue to serve as the insured proof that.he/she has purchased an insurance plan.On the other side, insurer may continue to evaluate the risk of cover note holder (insured).It offers the same level of protection as the full insurance policy gives.If the cover note expires before the actual policy documentation has been received, then the individual will be issued an extension of the cover note. It's not compulsory, some companies don't issue cover notes, they directly issue a certificate of insurance.when the plan is finally purchased and accepted.


It is a service that has been designed for US citizens and persons traveling outside the country, to register their trip with the nearby US embassy or consultant. STEP(The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) is a free service provided by US Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs.This program offers enrolls with important security information and updates from embassy about the situations in their destination country.An individual can enroll themselves with the STEP through an account.An account also allows travelers to easily change their travel information and enroll additional trips for future.


When a person or his family go on vacation, they make preparations to make sure that their journey will be safe and happy.In this regard, when they are traveling to abroad, they will also require passports, visas and immunization along with the details of that place they are going to visit.Therefore, obtaining travel insurance is an important aspect of the preparation process.As this insurance helps visitors if they met with any unexpected injury/illness during their journey.
If an individual is seriously interested in purchasing coverage that will cover both health and travel cost, then there will be no better option other than travel insurance.Travel Insurance(also known as travel medical insurance) will not only care for your doctor visits/hospitalization, it will also provide miscellaneously travel benefits like lost luggage.

*One of the most important perks of travel insurance is that they offer you safety in case when you fall sick or become injured while traveling.
*It makes the traveler feel more safe and secure during their journey.As the insurance company will pay for any unfortunate loss/damage occurred during the trip.
*Loss of personal belongings is the major reason for taking travel insurance.
*Travel insurance also offers a level of protection against currency fluctuations as policy is paid in local currency and all claims can be made in foreign currencies.
*Although travel insurance can't help us to avoid mishappening, it offers soothing in the form of monetary compensation, which can be very useful in tough situations.It provides lot of benefits to customers like helping them in a recovery of medical expenses.They can get reimbursement of all the money that has been spent on treatment.
*It also offers coverage services like travel delay, personal liability, repatriation, tour operator fault, accidental death, legal expenses and much more.

At last, we can draw the conclusion that TRAVEL INSURANCE IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF LIFE OF AN INDIVIDUAL.It is not merely a policy document, rather it is a medium to safeguard the person whenever they meet with any unfortunate happening.

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